Alumni Testimonials

Centered on Excellence

MaCalus V. Hogan, MD, MBA
  • Vice Chair of Orthopaedic Surgery, UPMC
  • Senior Medical Director, Orthopaedic and Musculoskeletal Services, UPMC Health Plan
  • Medical Director of Outcomes ,UPMC Wolff Center for Quality, Safety and Innovation 
  • University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
“The Executive MBA [EMBA] in Healthcare brings to the forefront the fabric of how healthcare comes together and functions as a business—how the different aspects of a large academic and integrated care delivery network weave together,” says MaCalus V. Hogan... Read more about Hogan »

Determining the Path for an Energy Giant

Zach McDaniel
  • Advanced Fuel Manager, Westinghouse
“The Executive MBA [EMBA] program provided Zach with the necessary business tools to better determine the products needed to position Westinghouse for continued leadership in the fuel market,” says Ken Canavan... Read more about McDaniel »

Transforming Liver Transplantation in a Hepatology Desert

Corrie Berk
  • Clinical Director, Loma Linda Transplant Institute, Las Vegas Campus
A nurse practitioner at UPMC when she began the Executive MBA (EMBA) in Healthcare program, Corrie Berk accepted an offer to become Clinical Director of the Las Vegas campus of the Loma Linda Transplant Institute... Read more about Berk »

Leaping from Biology to Business

Sai Patil
  • Director of Project Management, Mylan Pharmaceuticals
With a PhD in molecular biology and a healthcare diagnostics background, Sai Patil was interested in learning more about business and making a career shift... Read more about Patil »
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