Executive MBA Candidate Resources

As you begin the application process for the Executive MBA program, we invite you to use the below resources to guide you through each step. For questions or further assistance, please contact your Outreach Specialist or email executiveprograms@katz.pitt.edu.

Applying to the Executive MBA Program

Navigate the Executive MBA application process, from required materials and candidate evaluation to interview.

Financing Your Executive MBA

Explore a variety of resources to assist in financing your Executive MBA including scholarships, merit aid and more. 

To request information on these and other resources, such as developing your Executive MBA Financial Support Plan or requesting sponsorship or tuition support from your employer, please contact your Outreach Specialist or email executiveprograms@katz.pitt.edu.

Obtaining Your References

Identify those colleagues who would serve as the best references to share your experience, leadership potential, and readiness and fit for the Katz Executive MBA program.

Requesting Your Academic Transcripts

Understand the process for requesting and submitting your academic official transcripts as part of your application for the Katz Executive MBA program.

Writing Your Executive MBA Self-Nomination

Successfully write your self-nomination letter for the Executive MBA program, including key topics the admissions committee would like to learn about each candidate.