Executive MBA Worldwide: Testimonials

Patrick Aedo

Patrick Aedo, Director Eastern Europe and Central Asian Republics at Procter & Gamble
Class of 2014

"I believe the Katz EMBA program contributes to faster decision making, as it enhances your knowledge of the business elements which are the most important to every executive."


Jefferson Anselmo

Jefferson Anselmo, Operations and Services Director for Dimension Data
Class of 2015

“The Katz EMBA Worldwide program provides the convenience of local education, while giving me exposure to the world. My goal is to reposition my career with more international exposure, and through the program I have had the opportunity to travel to new locations and build on my soft skills, which has further developed my confidence and expertise.”


Terri Bone

Terri Bone, Vice President and Corporate Controller, EQT Corporation
Class of 2011

"The Katz EMBA degree gives me a broader perspective on problem solving and strategic planning. I'm asking myself, 'How does this affect the company as a whole?'"


Leonardo Cunha

Leonardo Cunha, Vice President & General Manager Latin America at STERIS
Class of 2013

"The Katz EMBA program helped me to become a more effective and prepared professional. As a result, I have exceeded performance in the areas for which I already was familiar, and I am more capable in several other areas (finance, decision analysis, product development, etc.) because of my new confidence and expertise."


Nada Gallova

Nada Borková Gallová, Director of Service Quality Department and Ombudsman of Financial Group, Ceska Sporitelna, a.s.
Class of 2010

"Thanks to the wide context of the Katz EMBA program I was able to successfully change my career. After 10 years of working in the domain of human resources, I was able to shift to the service quality and strategic management area. This was mainly thanks to the fact that I was newly equipped with overall up-to-date business knowledge. What really made this career shift possible was my much-improved strategic management skills, and my more-developed marketing and financial perspectives."


Leandro Gaunszer

Leandro Gaunszer, Strategic and Marketing Manager of Media Networks Latin America at Telefonica Digital
Class of 2011

"When I started the EMBA program, I had recently assumed a new position with greater responsibilities. My education gave me a new approach that enriched my strategic plan for this year. Furthermore, the emphasis on international experiences helped me take advantage of the cultural diversity within my company."


Marcio Gerbovic

Marcio Gerbovic, Head of Customer Team (Sales and Operations) Latin America at Nokia Networks
Class of 2011

"The education I gained through the EMBA Worldwide program struck the right balance between knowledge and confidence so that now I'm prepared to take on more risk, which is important in a cutting-edge market such as technology."