Executive MBA Worldwide São Paulo: Class Profile

While earning your Katz MBA degree, you’ll build a global network. Your classmates have strong professional connections across North America and South America, and represent a wide range of industries and professional areas.

Our class has included rising corporate stars, startup founders, medical doctors, military officers, engineers, and scientists. Regardless of background, our students are united by their drive to succeed, their demonstrated track record of success, and their intelligence and functional skills. You’ll learn to embrace this diversity. It enriches your global perspective.

Compared with students in a traditional MBA program, Katz EMBA Worldwide students have more work experience—that’s what makes it an Executive MBA program. Some of your greatest learning in the program comes from the interactions you have with your classmates. Every student brings unique experiences that you can draw upon. This, combined with our globally focused curriculum and world-class faculty, will help you achieve your goals and reach your full potential.