Past Webinars

Evidence-Based Management: Tools for Making Decisions about Population Health

Presented by Mark Roberts, MD, MPP
Professor and Chair of the Department of Health Policy and Management and Director of the Public Health Dynamics Laboratory at the Graduate School of Public Health

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Crisis Management: Effective Leadership in Times of Crisis

Presented by Oliver Schmidt
President and CEO of C4CS

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Managing Your Professional Brand

Presented by Kiersten Maryott
Clinical Assistant Professor of Business Administration

Whether you think of yourself as a “marketer” or not, there is one product you market on a daily basis … YOU!!

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Learning How to Lead Innovation in a Challenging and Unpredictable World

Presented by Sharon Alvarez
Thomas W. Olofson Chair in Entrepreneurial Studies

How does an individual develop a mindset and an organizational culture that fosters and nurtures innovation? How can executives who are trained in problem solving, data-driven initiatives and a logical, rational approach to their business re-engineer their imaginations to consider such things as future demand that does not yet exist and the impact on stakeholders of innovations – whether in processes or products – that could change the world around them? Dr. Sharon Alvarez, the Thomas W. Olofson Chair in Entrepreneurial Studies, will explore concepts and case histories involving prominent companies, describing the elements comprising successful Innovation Leadership.  

Dr. Alvarez is an internationally recognized scholar and author in the field of entrepreneurship and her current research includes entrepreneurship theory of opportunities, firms and market emergence.

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Opportunities and Challenges of the Shift Toward Paying for Value

Presented by Julia Driessen
Assistant Professor, Health Policy and Management
University of Pittsburgh
Graduate School of Public Health

This webinar will address the continuing shift towards linking reimbursement to value, including the general architecture of efforts to promote alignment of clinical best practices and financial incentives, the state of the evidence on how this effort has affected Triple Aim outcomes, and practical implementation and evaluation challenges in the testing and scaling of these types of models.

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Survive and Thrive After a Difficult Conversation

Difficult conversations between managers and subordinates, whether they involve coaching or criticism, are a necessary part of the workplace, yet they are often a significant cause of anxiety or misunderstandings.  Handled correctly, however, these conversations can facilitate growth and teamwork, enhancing the work environment, performance and results. Deborah Good, Clinical Assistant Professor of Business Administration, will describe why “Do it, don’t dodge it” is among her best practices and provide scenarios and guidance on how to engage in difficult conversations and how to survive and thrive afterwards.

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Unlocking the Potential of Big Data and Predictive Analytics

Big Data and Advanced Analytics are rapidly becoming a strategic and competitive necessity, transforming companies’ interactions with their customers and enabling them to predict specific market opportunities and future business trends. Andrew W. Hannah, MBA, Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship and Analytics and an Entrepreneur In Residence, will guide participants through the playing field and provide a roadmap for developing analytics programs that help companies gain a competitive edge. Hannah, also a founder of OThot, a Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics company, will put advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics in a business context and discuss the tremendous opportunities – and challenges – for businesses utilizing these tools.

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Effective Advertising: Art or Science?

Effective advertising connects a company's product or service with the appropriate target audience. What are the key elements and characteristics of messaging strategies that produce results?

In his one-hour webinar, faculty member Bob Gilbert will discuss the aspects of advertising that are part art, part science. These tactics are useful for leaders in a variety of roles.

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Persuasion: Exerting Influence Without Authority

Power and authority are strong forces in the workplace. Conventional wisdom is that those with authority have power, and those with power have authority. But the savviest leaders know that you can have power without having authority. How do they do it? What is their secret?

In his one-hour webinar, faculty member Dave Lebel will discuss the art of persuasion and influencing others. These tactics are designed to enhance your work environment, help you improve your relationships with colleagues, and increase your productivity.

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Turn Your Network Into a Competitive Advantage

Networking is fundamental to business success. It creates constellations of professional contacts that expand your sphere of influence. These support systems, when activated, contribute to your success in today’s role and position you for tomorrow’s advancement opportunities.

In his one-hour webinar, faculty member Jim Craft will discuss best practices for building and nurturing professional networks. He will talk about how leveraging your networks can improve your decision-making ability, increase your professional recognition, and contribute to your professional growth and opportunities.

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Your Next M&A: Opportunity or Pitfall?

Mergers and acquisitions are an essential part of the economic landscape. If done well, they create significant value for both firms’ shareholders and for the broader economy. But mergers and acquisitions don’t always turn out well for both sides. Acquiring firms often make decisions that are detrimental to their shareholders’ economic interests.

In her one-hour talk, Katz faculty member Diane Denis will discuss how organizations can avoid this fate. Drawing on her research and real-life examples, she will discuss sources of synergy, M&A valuation techniques, and common pitfalls to avoid. 

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Unleashing the Power of Intelligent Mentoring

Many organizations engage in a variety of different mentoring efforts but few are able to unleash the power of mentoring and demonstrate its impact on key outcomes. However, intelligent mentoring focuses on linking mentoring efforts to strategic objectives within the organization and understanding how to capture their impact.

In this one-hour webinar, Associate Dean Murrell will share her insight in working with organizations on how to effectively develop, position, design, and evaluate mentoring programs. She will give a special focus to mentoring that helps leadership development in the organization.

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Be Careful What You Ask For: The Importance of Questions in Negotiation Success

Negotiation is a part of our everyday life. We bargain at home and at work, with our family and with strangers. We know that negotiation is important, and judging by sales of books on negotiation, we want to be good at it. An under appreciated key to being good at bargaining is to develop the ability to ask good questions. Since information is the key to understanding the content and constraints of a negotiation, questions provide a means of identifying hidden value.

In this one-hour webinar, Pitt Business faculty member and former dean John Delaney will share his tips on negotiating success.  He is one of the leading experts in the field and has decades of experience in the areas of dispute resolution and labor-management negotiations.

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The Resilient Enterprise: The LENS Model of Change Leadership

In today’s globally connected business environment, change is the only constant, and the ability to adapt is a key source of competitive advantage. But successfully implementing change is a challenge for any organization, even those with a forward-thinking management team.

In this one-hour webinar, Pitt Business faculty member Ravi Madhavan will present a strategic framework for successfully leading change in your organization. Highlighting practical examples and best practices, Professor Madhavan’s LENS Model of change leadership incorporates the latest knowledge in human behavior, network dynamics, communication, and process management. 

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Quantitative Easing and the U.S. Stock Market

Since the beginning of the financial crisis in 2007, the Federal Reserve has embarked on several rounds of unprecedented "quantitative easing" in an attempt to stimulate economic activity. 

During this one-hour webinar, Katz faculty member, Kenneth Lehn, will define quantitative easing, explain how the Fed implements it, and the intended effects of this policy on the economy. Dr. Lehn will discuss the pros and cons of the policy and examine the risks associated with the pending reversal of quantitative easing for investors. 

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Your Next Mission: An Executive MBA

At the University of Pittsburgh, we recognize that military veterans bring a unique set of leadership and management skills to the classroom. The Executive MBA Worldwide (EMBA) Program at the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business is hosting a webinar featuring a panel of veterans who will discuss how the program has built on their prior experiences and transformed them into more strategic business leaders.

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Value-Creating Strategic Social Media Marketing

Virtually all companies use social media, but how many effectively use it in a strategically valuable way to advance organizational goals and improve performance? In this one-hour webinar, Katz faculty member and world-renowned social media expert Dr. Andrew Stephen will outline an approach companies can take when developing a successful social media strategy.

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Strategic Cybersecurity Management

Security is of the utmost importance in today’s age of complex global telecommunication networks and interconnected information systems. To avoid unauthorized data access, theft, and other cyber-related attacks, business leaders should take steps to improve their understanding of cybersecurity.

In this one-hour webinar, Dr. Michael Donohoe, a faculty member at the University of Pittsburgh’s Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business, will provide an overview of the managerial issues, technical challenges, and resource constraints associated with cybersecurity.

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Navigating a Successful Career

Careers don't just happen. They require personal commitment. Managing your career is perhaps the most important skill to be developed as you progress through any organization. It is a delicate balance between building strong relationships across all levels of an organization while recognizing unique organizational attributes, culture and influences. Ned Sherry, Executive-in-Residence at the University of Pittsburgh, will discuss how executives and emerging leaders can manage their careers.

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Creating a Culture of Entrepreneurship

Exploring different management styles, including the encouragement of risk taking, proactivity, and innovation is the focus of the second webinar in a series from the Katz Executive MBA Worldwide program. We will discuss issues that directly affect the innovation capability of an organization and the important roles that leadership, corporate culture, processes, and people skills play. The discussion will be led by University of Pittsburgh Katz EMBA Worldwide faculty member Rich Patton. 

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Strategy as a Wicked Problem

"Wicked" problems can't be solved, but they can be tamed. Increasingly, these are the problems strategists face - and for which they are ill equipped. Katz faculty member John Camillus will define what a wicked problem is, and provide real-world examples from executives and organizations on how they deal with these issues and adapt their strategy.

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