Master of Science in Business Analytics Programs

Accounting and Business Analytics (STEM)

Differentiate yourself with a STEM-designated program that prepares students to pass the CPA while gaining technical skills in multivariate data analysis, data programming, data mining, and database management.

Finance and Business Analytics (STEM)

In the Finance and Business Analytics STEM program, students will master the quantitative and qualitative aspects of Finance—valuation techniques, forecasting methods, application of time value of money, building pro-forma financial statements, managing corporate finance functions, and investing and portfolio management.

Marketing Science and Business Analytics (STEM)

Students in the Marketing Science and Business Analytics STEM program develop an in-depth understanding of consumer behavior through the study of customer insights, research techniques, digital marketing, and social media marketing with advanced data analysis and decision-making techniques and skill. 

Supply Chain Management and Business Analytics (STEM)

This STEM-designated program combines broad supply chain knowledge in sourcing, logistics, planning, process improvement, inventory, and pricing with in-depth business analytics skills in data analysis, data mining, data programming, and database management. 

Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics (STEM)

Pitt graduate students as well as students who have completed a relevant graduate degree at other institutions are eligible to apply for the University of Pittsburgh Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics.

MBA with Business Analytics

Students with significant work experience may opt for the MBA with Business Analytics program.