MS in Supply Chain Management (STEM)

The MS in Supply Chain Management program provides students with broad supply chain knowledge and technical skills in sourcing, logistics, planning, inventory, pricing, and consulting. The program has a strong interdisciplinary flavor, letting students select from a wide range of electives that relate to everything from information technology to accounting to strategy.

Basic Requirements

Students interested in submitting a competitive application for the MS in Supply Chain Management program should have a 3.0 GPA and at least a 600 on the GMAT exam. International applicants must also have at least a score of 100 on TOEFL or 7 or Higher on the IELTS. No prior work experience or prerequisite courses are required. 

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Curriculum: Fall Term (15 credits)

Finely-tuned core coursework designed to offer a solid foundation in business.

Course Credits
BQOM 2401 Statistical Analysis: Uncertainty, Prediction, and Quality Improvement 3
BQOM 2421 Decision Technologies in Manufacturing and Operations Management 1.5
BQOM 2523 Process Engineering 1.5
BMIS 2074 Strategic Information Technology in Global Supply Chains 1.5
MS-SCM Electives 7.5

Curriculum: Spring Term (15 credits)

Specialized courses and real-world application of fundamental tools and theories.

Course Credits
BQOM 2533 Global Supply Chain Management 3
BQOM 2534 Strategic Procurement and Sourcing Management 1.5
BIND 2024 Consulting Field Project 3
BOAH 2532 Negotiations, Teamwork, and Change 1 1.5
MS-SCM Electives 6


The elective courses have been categorized into focus areas for the convenience of students who may wish to specialize in a particular area based on their professional goals. However, students may take any combination of elective courses.

Required total: 13.5 credits


Course Credits
BQOM 2139 Six Sigma Theory and Practice
(Green Belt certification course)
BQOM 2511 Revenue Management and Pricing Analytics 1.5
BQOM 2512 Advanced Decision Technologies
(pre-requisite: BQOM 2421)
BQOM 2524 Production Management and Process Improvement 1.5
BQOM 2537 Forecasting 1.5
BQOM 2546 Project Management Fundamentals and Analysis 1.5
BQOM 2578 Data Mining (pre-requisite: BQOM 2401, or undergraduate statistics coursework approved by course instructor) 3


Course Credits
BQOM/BMIS 2501 Enterprise Systems and Integration of Business Processes (SAP TERP10 certification course) 3
BMIS 2538 Strategic Cybersecurity in Business 1.5
BQOM/BMIS 2542 Introduction to Data Science: Programming Essentials
(Languages: Python, R)


Course Credits
BMKT 2409 Marketing Management 1.5
BMKT 2526 Product Development and Management
(pre-requisite: BMKT 2409)
BMKT 2533 Business-to-Business Marketing 1.5
BMKT 2544 Shopper Analytics (Retail Analytics using SPSS) 3


Course Credits
BACC 2401 Financial Accounting 3
BFIN 2409 Financial Management 1 1.5
BACC 2528 Managerial Accounting (pre-requisite: BACC 2401) 1.5


Course Credits
BECN 2509 Global Macroeconomics 1 1.5
BSEO 2511 Management of Strategic Alliances 1 1.5
BSEO 2525 Competitive Intelligence 1.5
BOAH 2409 Organizational Behavior: Leadership and Group Effectiveness
(recommended prior to BOAH 2532)
BOAH 2456 Managing Offshore Outsourcing 1.5
Prakash Michandani

Faculty Director

Prakash Mirchandani
Professor of Business Administration
Director of the Center for Supply Chain Management