MS in Supply Chain Management and Business Analytics Curriculum

The Katz MS Supply Chain Management and Business Analytics program requires at least three terms of study to complete the minimum 39 credits. Students who begin full-time studies in August may complete within 17 months for December graduation. Part-time students may complete within two to three years.

Core Courses (28.5 credits)

You must complete the following 13 required core courses with a minimum grade of C or better.

Course Credits
BQOM 2401 Statistical Analysis (minimum grade required B+ or better) 3
BQOM 2421 Decision Technologies (minimum grade required B or better) 1.5
BQOM 2511 Revenue Management and Pricing Analytics 1.5
BQOM 2512 Advanced Decision Technologies 1.5
BQOM 2523 Process Engineering 1.5
BQOM 2533 Global Supply Chain Management 3
BQOM 2534 Strategic Procurement and Sourcing Management 1.5
BQOM 2557 Multivariate Data Analysis I 1.5
BQOM 2578 Data Mining 3
BMIS 2074 Strategic IT in Global Supply Chains 1.5
BMIS 2526 Data Programming with R 3
BMIS 2588 Database Management 3
Project course (BIND 2024 Consulting Field Project, BMKT 2032 Applied Behavioral Economics, or other approved by faculty director) 3

Electives (10.5 credits)

You may choose an additional 10.5 credits of coursework, including a minimum of 6 credits of supply chain management electives, 3 credits of analytics, and 1.5 credits of general business electives.

Popular electives include:

Course Credits
BQOM 2139 Six Sigma Theory and Practice (Green Belt certification course) 3
BQOM 2501 Enterprise Systems & Integration of Business Processes (SAP TS410 certification course) 3
BQOM 2524 Production Management and Process Improvement 1.5
BQOM 2546 Project Management Fundamentals & Analysis 1.5
BQOM 2904 Problem Solving and Creativity  
BFIN 2409 Financial Management 1.5
BMKT 2409 Marketing Management 1.5
BMKT 2526 Product Development & Management 3
BOAH 2409 Organizational Behavior 1.5
BOAH 2532 Negotiations, Teamwork, and Change I 1.5
BSEO 2511 Management of Strategic Alliances I 1.5

Additionally, students may take an additional 6 credits of Pitt coursework without incurring additional tuition or fees, but must maintain an overall 3.0 QPA to meet graduation requirements.

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