MBA/Juris Doctor

The daily interaction of business and law in our society presents entrepreneurs, attorneys, and other professionals with a diverse set of challenges arising from public and private institutions, policies, and practices. A joint degree program can provide valuable interdisciplinary skills to tackle these challenges.

The MBA/Juris Doctor program enables students to receive integrated training in law and business while reducing the amount of time ordinarily necessary to earn the two degrees from five years to four years.


To graduate with a JD and an MBA, you must acquire a total of 76 credits from Pitt Law and 39 credits from Katz. In other words, following one year of study at the School of Law and one year at Katz, a student typically must acquire at least 43 additional credits from the law school and 3 credits from Katz to graduate with both degrees.

It is recommended that applicants apply to this program during their first year of study at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law.

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For more information on the requirements, faculty, and admission for the JD portion of the program, please see the Pitt Law website.