Katz Certificates

Katz certificates provide experience-based learning opportunities and illustrate the importance of collaboration across business areas. Students can distinguish themselves with a Katz certificate that gives additional hands-on experience in a core business area. 

Only Katz MBA students are eligible to complete a Katz certificate. 

Each Katz certificate program requires 10.5 credits of course work. To declare a certificate, fill out the Certificate Declaration Form and submit it to your academic advisor.

Corporate Financial Management

The Katz Corporate Financial Management Certificate builds your understanding of the interactions between a firm's investment decisions and its business and operational strategies. Receive a foundation in corporate financial management by developing your skill set in corporate finance, short-term financing, and international financial reporting and analysis.

Corporate Valuation

Enhance your knowledge of valuation in a global context with the Katz Corporate Valuation Certificate. Develop the ability to read and understand international financial reporting statements, and gain the requisite analytical and quantitative skills necessary in order to accurately evaluate capital projects; assess potential mergers and acquisitions; and make the bold, strategic decisions that enhance shareholder value.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing, which includes internet advertising and marketing, mobile advertising, and social networking, is increasing in importance. The Katz Digital Marketing Certificate equips you with tools and techniques in digital marketing that will allow you to differentiate yourself in the job market and compete effectively.

Global Management

The Katz Global Management Certificate features an experience-based learning component in which you will travel abroad to work on a business project. The majority of the coursework is interdisciplinary in nature, as you have the option of studying accounting and finance, marketing and supply chain management, and strategy and human resources in a global context.

Global Supply Chain Management

Global supply chain management encompasses not only the design and planning of supply chain activities, but also the execution, control, and monitoring activities that help companies to build a competitive infrastructure and create net value. As part of the Katz Global Supply Chain Management Certificate, students engage in experience-based learning through an applied project, specializing in either supplier diversity or supply chain management.

Investments and Trading

The Katz Investments and Trading Certificate builds your background in investments and capital markets, trading, fixed income, and forecasting. Major topics include discounted cash flow valuation, risk-return tradeoffs, international diversification, asset return calculations, portfolio theory, index models, and investment performance analysis.

Organizational Leadership

Students who earn an Katz Organizational Leadership Certificate develop their managerial and interpersonal skills. They enhance their ability to set strategic objectives, manage cross-cultural teams, resolve workplace conflicts, and pursue strategic alliances.

Project Management

The Katz Project Management Certificate enables students to sit for the PMI Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) exam. It also prepares students — both in contact hours and subject knowledge — for the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam, which a student may take if he or she has obtained the extensive professional experience required by PMI for this certification.


In the Katz Sustainability Certificate program, students learn how companies manage their social (people), environmental (planet), and financial (profits) risks, obligations, and opportunities to positively impact both stakeholders and financial well-being.

Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship

Each of the courses offered in the Katz TIE Certificate engages students in experience-based learning. TIE will immerse you in live projects and embed you in Pittsburgh's vibrant innovation ecosystems, where you will learn firsthand how to create new businesses – within established companies or as new ventures.