Katz Global Management Certificate

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Regardless of functional orientation, Katz MBAs are likely to be employed at global firms or move into international assignments at some point in their careers. The Katz Global Management Certificate builds your crosscultural competencies, knowledge of global markets, and skills for operating in a global environment. This knowledge base is essential as demand continues to grow for MBAs in Russia, Latin America, and Asian Pacific companies.

Katz MBAs have wide access to international opportunities through our International Business Center. The center collaborates with the University of Pittsburgh Global Studies Center, Center for Latin American Studies, Center for Russian and East European Studies, Asian Studies Center, European Studies Center/European Union Center of Excellence, and the University's African studies program.


The Katz Global Management Certificate features an experience-based learning component in which you will travel abroad to work on a business project. The majority of the coursework is interdisciplinary in nature, as you have the option of studying accounting and finance, marketing and supply chain management, and strategy and human resources in a global context. The certificate also offers electives in which a specific BRIC country will be explored in terms of its background, current affairs, and developments in business and technology.

A foreign language requirement is not part of the certificate program. However, we encourage competence in two or more languages because it improves your ability to secure international employment.

Required Courses and Electives

Total Credits: 10.5 credits

Core Requirements (3 credits):

It is recommended, though not required, that students take a core course early in the program. Students must complete at least 3 credits from the following course list unless they can demonstrate they have completed this material in prior courses:

Course Credits
BECN 2509: Global Macroeconomics I 1.5
BECN 2510: Global Macroeconomics II 1.5
BECN 2019: Economics for International Business 3
BOAH 2527: Cross-cultural Management 1.5

Experience-Based Learning Requirement (3 credits):

Students must complete at least 3 credits from the following course list, although a short-term study abroad component with an experiential component that is not listed will be considered.

Course Credits
BIND 2702: Global Research Practicum 3
BIND 2024: Consulting Field Project* 3
BIND 2000: Business and Engineering Collaborations 3

*Consulting Field Project must have an international travel component to qualify for the certificate.

4.5 credits are required. Given the large number of courses, they are grouped into several interdisciplinary categories. You may take courses from any category.

Course Credits
Accounting and Finance  
BACC 2253: International Accounting 3
BACC 2466: Risk Management and Compliance Issues Facing International Organizations 1.5
BFIN 2043: International Financial Management 3
Marketing and Supply Chain Management  
BMKT 2033: International Marketing 1.5
BOAH 2456: Managing Offshore Outsourcing 1.5
BQOM 2533: Global Supply Chain Management 3
BQOM 2534: Strategic Procurement and Sourcing Management 1.5
Strategy and Human Resources  
BIND 2554: Entering Foreign Markets 1.5
BSEO 2506: Competing in Emerging Economies 1.5
BSEO 2511: Management of Strategic Alliances 1.5
BSPP 2328: The Business of Humanity: Strategic Management in the Era of Globalization, Innovation, and Shared Value 3
BRIC Country Courses  
TBA: India Today, China Today, Brazil Today, Russia Today 1

Full-time and part-time students are eligible to receive a Global Management Certificate when all of the following criteria are satisfied:

Completion of a combination of 6 required credits and 4.5 elective credits from the approved course list.
Completion of a global management experience to be chosen from one of the international project courses.
Grades of B or better for each course, required and elective.
A minimum B+ average (3.25 QPA) across all certificate-related courses and credits.

Faculty Contact

Professor of Business Administration and Katz Excellence in Service Fellow
Office: 308 Mervis Hall
Phone: 412-648-1715