Katz Sustainability Certificate

Any Katz MBA student is eligible to pursue the Katz Graduate Certificate in Sustainability in addition to their declared degree program. This 10.5 credit certificate guides students to act as ethically responsible leaders. Students learn how companies manage their social (people), environmental (planet), and financial (profits) risks, obligations, and opportunities to positively impact both stakeholders and financial well-being. This certificate is managed by the Center for Sustainable Business.

Total credits: 10.5

Required Courses (Tier 1)

There is one set (tier) of required courses for the certificate that constitute 4.5 of the 10.5 total credits students must earn. Students must complete both of the required Tier 1 courses (4.5 credits) to earn the certificate. View a full course description by clicking on the course title.

Tier 1 (4.5 credits):

Course Credits
BSEO 2578: Sustainable Business Strategy 1.5
BSPP 2328: The Business of Humanity®: Strategic Management in the Era of Globalization, Innovation, and Shared Value 3

Elective Courses (Tier 2)

The remaining 6.0 credits required to earn the certificate should consist of approved electives. The set of proposed electives includes existing graduate level courses within the MBA program at Katz and within other departments at the University. Students wishing to receive credit toward the certificate for an elective not included on this list must seek approval from the appropriate graduate administrator at Katz. Graduate level courses not pre-approved for the certificate (any courses not named below) will only be approved if the content covered in the course is directly related to sustainable business management. View a full course description by clicking on the course title.

Tier 2 (6 credits):

Course Credits
BSEO 2033: Corporate Environmental Management 1.5
BSEO 2012: Social Entrepreneurship: Inclusive Innovation and Urban Economic Development 1.5
BSEO 2509: Business and Politics 1.5
BENV 2115: Market Manipulations 3
BOAH 2456: Managing Offshore Outsourcing 1.5
BOAH 2551 & 2552 Project Course in Organizational Leadership 3 (1.5 credits each semester)
PIA 2522: Political Economy of Global Energy 3
PIA 2502: Political Economy of Global Environment 3
ENGR 2905: Current Issues in Sustainability 3