Katz Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship Certificate

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Breakthrough innovation is both transformative and disruptive. It's fast—crossing organizational lines and upending convention. It's murky—loaded with uncertainty and complexity. It's powerful—rocketing growth and market share. But it's reality. Companies must be prepared to deal with it and turn it to their advantage.


The Katz Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship Certificate (TIE) prepares you to navigate the fast evolving field of technology-led business creation. This is not a path for those who prefer to sit behind a desk. It is for those of you who thrive by creating order out of seeming chaos, who strive to build the technological, relational, and organizational foundations necessary for robust economic growth and societal vitality. The certificate is open to all students—you don't need a background in engineering or science. Nor do you need to aspire to start a company.

The skill set this certificate develops carries tremendous value for a wide range of businesses and business functions, and is a valuable complement to marketing, finance, IT, and supply chain expertise. These skills are essential to cross-functional positions such as new business development, market analysis, product development, and open innovation/technology scouting/acquisition. Consulting organizations focused on organizational change, strategic and market analysis, growth strategies, technological and business model innovation, and organizational renewal, require employees with these skills, as do start-ups, incubators, venture capitalists, and nonprofits that support new business ventures.
Each of the courses offered in the TIE certificate engages students in experience-based learning. TIE will immerse you in live projects and embed you in Pittsburgh's vibrant innovation ecosystems, where you will learn firsthand how to create new businesses—within established companies or as new ventures. You will gain the confidence to lead your organization into unknown terrain, competence in analyzing complex market and non-market forces, conversance in the language of value creation, and the capacity to synthesize creative insights from diverse disciplinary tools.
Topics covered include organizational frameworks to foster and focus invention on strategically relevant projects, and to manage the process of converting high potential ideas into new products or services, and businesses; valuation of and financing strategies for new ventures; market sizing, selection, and development; business model ideation and creation; and partnership strategies. Other major topics to be addressed include the product development process, business plan creation and implementation, competitive intelligence programs, and managerial approaches to the adoption and diffusion of new technologies.

Required Courses

Total Credits: 10.5

Choose from any of the following:

Course Credits
BSEO 2012: Social Entrepreneurship 1.5
BSPP 2112: Leading Organizations to Innovate Smarter 1.5
BMIS 2537: Business Systems Platforms 3.0
BSPP 2111: Commercializing New Technologies 3
BMKT 2526: Product Development & Management 3
BSEO 2531: Entrepreneurship and New Venture Initiation 3
BMIS 2679: Technology Innovation, Adoption, and Diffusion 3
BSEO 2500: Benchtop to Bedside 3
BSEO 2525: Competitive Intelligence 1.5
BSEO 2511: Managing Strategic Alliances 1.5
BQOM 2904: Creativity and Problem Solving
BQOM 2521: Decision Making in Complex Environment
BIOENG 2150: Medical Product Ideation
BIOENG 2151: Medical Product Development

Full-time and part-time students will be eligible to receive a Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship (TIE) Certificate when all of the following criteria are satisfied:

10.5 credits, chosen from the approved list of courses.
Grades of B or better for all of the chosen courses.
A minimum B+ average (3.250 QPA) across all courses/credits.

Faculty Contact

Susan Cohen
Associate Professor of Business Administration
Organizations and Entrepreneurship
Office: 252 Mervis Hall
Phone: 412-648-1707