Professional MBA: Marketing

When you concentrate in marketing as a PMBA student, you'll be prepared for success in brand management, marketing and customer analytics, and digital and social media marketing. Complete foundational courses in marketing management to learn the concepts and theories that drive marketing and customer behavior.

Marketing electives, experience-based learning opportunities, and cocurricular activities provide a deeper understanding of the marketing mix, plus you can earn in-demand certifications such as AMA Professional Certified Marketer certification, Google Adwords Certification, and Social Media Marketing Certification.

You can pursue one of several business certificates to gain competency in other business specialties and distinguish yourself in the marketplace. Popular certificates for marketing MBA students include Digital Marketing, Project Management, and Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship.

The Katz MBA curriculum emphasizes the analytical, communication, project management, and technical skills needed for a career in marketing. Job opportunities are plentiful in the marketing field, and depending on your area of specialization, job growth is expected to grow between 10 to 23 percent (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2019). Brand manager, consumer analytics manager, vice president of digital marketing, and consumer behavior analyst represent some of the job titles held by accomplished Katz marketing alumni.