Business Analytics Certificate

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The rise of the internet, multimedia, and social media is fueling data growth at an exponential speed--and business analytics is the next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity. Professionals who can grasp the implications of data through business analytics will improve their firms' competiveness and unlock new levels of productivity and growth.


Any MBA or Specialized Master's student is eligible to pursue the The Katz Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics in addition to their declared degree program. This 15-credit certificate is designed to equip students with the quantitative skills to collect and evaluate data, and the qualitative skills to communicate the findings. Students will learn how to conduct data mining, database management, data programming, and other forms of advanced data analysis. Ultimately, students will be able to use data as a strategic asset to make better decisions and drive results. 

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Required Courses and Electives

Total Credits: 15 credits

Required Courses (12 credits):

Course Credits
BQOM 2512: Advanced Decision Technologies 1.5
BQOM 2557: Multivariate Data Analysis 1 1.5
BQOM 2578: Data Mining 3
BMIS 2588: Database Management 3
Programming course requirement (BMIS 2542 "Python" or BMIS 2526 "R") 3


Electives (3 credits); choose from the following:

Course Credits
Programming course requirement (BMIS 2542 "Python" or BMIS 2526 "R") 3
BQOM 2537: Forecasting 1.5
BQOM 2558: Multivariate Data Analysis 2 1.5
BQOM 2559: Applied Simulation & Optimization (co-requisite BQOM 2512) 1.5
BACC 2523: Accounting Data Analytics (pre-requisite BUSACC/BACC 1236) 3
BMKT 2544: Shopper Analytics (pre-requisite BMKT 2409) 3
BMKT 2551: Digital & Social Media Analytics (pre-requisite BMKT 2409) 1.5


Full-time, Professional, and Specialized Master's students are eligible to receive a Business Analytics Certificate when all of the following criteria are satisfied:

A minimum of 15.0 credits of approved graduate-level coursework.
The appropriate distribution of required core courses (12.0 credits) and elective courses (3.0 credits).
Depending upon concurrent enrollment in a Katz MBA or MS degree program, up to 6 credits may be counted toward both credentials.
A minimum cumulative quality point average (QPA) of 3.0 (B) overall.

Career Opportunities

McKinsey predicts that by 2018, there will be a shortage of 1.5 million analysts/managers who can make data-driven decisions. This immediate need for professionals versed in data analytics is fueled by the explosion of data generated online. Data ranges from social networks and mobile devices to real-time sensors and purchase transactions, and the pace of data generation doubles every three years. Currently, salaries in Business Analytics range from $65,000 to $160,000.

Sample Job Titles

  • Risk analyst
  • Credit card Customer behavior Analyst
  • Advanced Analytics Managing Consultants
  • Marketing / Campaign Management Strategy Consultants
  • Senior Data Modelers
  • Senior Managing Analytics Consultants
  • Strategy Managing Consultants
  • Healthcare Analyst
  • Technical Project Managers
  • Business Intelligence and Performance Management: Project Managers
  • Content Analytics Lead Consultants
  • Business Analytics and Optimization
  • Business Intelligence and Performance Management Consultants
  • Advanced Analytics and Optimization Consultants
  • Social media networks Analyst
  • Enterprise Content Management Consultants

Faculty Contact

Jennifer Shang
Professor of Business Administration
Area Director for Business Analytics and Operations
230 Mervis Hall