Katz Unveils MBA with Business Analytics Program

Big data. Business analytics. Data mining.

We hear these terms with ever-growing frequency. That’s because more and more businesses and organizations understand that these methods are essential to rigorous decision-making.

To prepare students to become future leaders in the area of business analytics, the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business has created a STEM-designated MBA with Business Analytics program. Upon completion, students will receive a Master of Business Administration degree as well as a University of Pittsburgh Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics. Students can choose to enroll in the program on a full-time basis or on a part-time basis as part of Katz’s Professional MBA program.

Rabikar Chatterjee, Associate Dean and Gulf Oil Foundation Professor of Business at the Katz Graduate School of Business, says the program will offer students training in cutting-edge business-analytics methods. “Students will be equipped to hit the ground running as managers who can lead in the development and implementation of business analytics–driven approaches to improve organizational decisions in today’s complex and fast-changing business environment,” Chatterjee says. “Companies now recognize business analytics as a critical driver of success.”

According to Chatterjee, students who enter the program “will be ambitious high-achievers with strong quantitative skills who are looking to manage and lead in the application of business analytics for decision-making at companies and other organizations.”

The Business Analytics focus of the new program offers specialized instruction that enhances the traditional MBA learning experience. “While all MBAs need to be literate in the basics of analytics and technology to be effective in today’s dynamic and global world of business,” Chatterjee says, “the business analytics part of the integrated MBA with Business Analytics program will complement the rest of the MBA training by providing a rigorous, in-depth exposure to the current tools and concepts of business analytics with a focus on opportunities for hands-on applications through projects.” 

Chatterjee believes the quality of the school’s faculty and strategic emphasis on business analytics will ensure that the MBA with Business Analytics program will be a success. He says, “Katz has—and continues to build—the cutting-edge faculty expertise in business analytics with the resources of a research and teaching powerhouse in this vitally important aspect of modern business. The school sees business analytics as a critical area in which to establish intellectual leadership.”