Pitt Business Staff Members Honored with Pitt Sustainability Award

To recognize faculty, staff, students, and groups who are making an extraordinary impact on campus sustainability, the University of Pittsburgh Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation created the Pitt Sustainability Awards in 2015.

This year, three Pitt Business staff members—Chris Driscoll, director of information technology services; Greg Guzewicz, facilities manager; and Karri Rogers, assistant dean of operations—were honored with a 2020 Pitt Sustainability Award. Nominated by the Center for Sustainable Business, Driscoll, Guzewicz, and Rogers were recognized for the implementation of sustainable practices into daily life at Pitt Business.

Driscoll’s efforts throughout his IT department have resulted in major energy savings for power and HVAC throughout Mervis Hall, installed digital monitors to cut back on printed signage, and prompted event organizers to think twice about whether their event is green certified.

“In the last few years, IT’s largest effort to ‘go green’ was the successful relocation of our server room from Mervis Hall to the Network Operations Center,” says Driscoll. “In addition to major energy savings, our green initiatives presented opportunities for cost savings.”

Guzewicz is responsible for all Pitt Business facilities management—meaning that he is behind the scenes of implementing sustainable practices in Bottom Line Bistro, choosing new and 100% recycled fabric for classroom seating, and supporting composting initiatives throughout Pitt Business buildings.

“What really surprised me most throughout this effort is the acceptance and cooperation of everyone at Pitt Business,” says Guzewicz. “People seemed to have been waiting for sustainability efforts to materialize and it quickly becomes habit forming. This successful start is just the tip of the iceberg—there are many, many more sustainability efforts to come.”

While sustainability relies on the contributions of many, supportive leadership is often what makes or breaks these efforts in the long run. Initiatives such as composting, digital signage, printing quotas, green office designations, and more can be attributed in part to Rogers’ support.

“By creating space for others, Karri has had an incredible impact on sustainability at Pitt Business,” says Leslie Marshall, associate director of the Center for Sustainable Business. “Oftentimes, the support of administrators happens behind the scenes, which is why it is important to recognize leaders like Karri who serve as an example for others on campus.”

The Center for Sustainable Business is on a mission to make everyone a “sustainability generalist.” Through innovative research, specialized education and training, and critical thought leadership, the Center for Sustainable Business helps companies learn how to leverage their investments in sustainability across all functions of the organization to generate better business and societal outcomes.

In collaboration with the Center for Sustainable Business, Driscoll, Guzewicz, and Rogers are leading by example to make Pitt’s campus a more sustainable place for all.

“Our achievements to-date are a direct result of the Pitt Business community’s excitement and willingness to participate and support our sustainability initiatives,” says Rogers. “We’re looking forward to seeing all that Pitt Business and the University as a whole can accomplish moving forward.”  

To learn more about the University of Pittsburgh Center for Sustainable Business and new initiatives at Pitt Business, please visit www.sustainablebusiness.pitt.edu.