Brand Management

Credits: 1.5


Evaluate the strategic management of marketing intangible assets, including Brands, Brand Valuation and Company Reputation. This course focuses on the learning needs of students who are currently or aspire to become Brand Managers or Product Managers. Students who aspire to work as Financial Analysts will find marketing evaluation tools to analyze intangible assets. The course employs a case-based practical approach to examine the role played by Brands in influencing consumer choices, and investigates how to effectively manage these important assets.

Course objectives:

  • Establish relationships between consumers and brands
  • Practice the art of brand building using case studies
  • Evaluate brand building, brand extension, brand maintenance, and brand repositioning
  • Assess valuation of intangible marketing assets
  • Investigate global brands
  • Assess the role brands play in retail, including control brands and private label brands
  • Evaluate the appropriate roles to be played by individual brands in a company‚Äôs portfolio of brands

Prerequisite(s): BMKT 2409 Marketing Management. Note: This course and BMKT 2409 Marketing Management may be taken concurrently.