Brand Management

Credits: 1.5


This is a new course that explores the role played by brands in influencing consumers' choices, and investigates how to more effectively manage such brands. Course objectives include: Understanding the relationship that exists between consumers' brands. Assessing the value of a brand. Developing and practicing skills that relate to brand building, maintenance, repositioning, and retrenchment. Determining an appropriate brand strategy critically depends on an objective assessment of the brand's strengths and weaknesses as well as a clear understanding of key competitors' offerings. Examining the roles played by logos, packaging, and Web sites, as well as more traditional forms of marketing communication in influencing consumers' attitudes and choices. Evaluating the appropriate roles to be played by individual brands in a company's portfolio of brands. The course uses a variety of tools including lectures, cases, simulations, in-class exercises, hands-on exercises, industry visitors, and individual projects. Prerequisite or co-requisite: BMKT 2409 Marketing Management.