Commercializing New Technologies

Credits: 3


This course covers theory, conceptual frameworks, and tools used to formulate strategies for commercializing new technologies. The analytical frameworks cover elements of commercialization strategy (such as how to select an initial market and whether to take new technology to the market via licensing, partnership, or start-up, aligning IP strategy with business model, understanding barriers to adoption and diffusion). These issues are equally critical to start-ups and to corporate technology ventures, although the two kinds of companies face different resource constraints and organizational barriers, which we’ll discuss. The primary deliverable in the course is a professional quality project which evaluates the commercialization alternatives for an emerging technology. Your project team will be paired with a local inventor, unless you prefer to evaluate a technology of special interest to your team. Specialists in the fields of financing new ventures, intellectual property protection, and several entrepreneurs will also address the class.

Prerequisite: BSPP 2409 Strategic Management is recommended and preferred but not required.