Competing in Emerging Economies

Credits: 1.5


This course will introduce students to concepts and frameworks designed to help managers make decisions critical to formulating and implementing global strategies, such as Ghemawat’s Cage Model and 3a global strategy framework, Porter’s National Diamond Model, and Khanna’s work on institutional voids. Through a combination of case studies and country overviews, students will analyze specific companies, industries, and countries in order to develop recommendations pertaining to whether, when, and how to enter a particular country, and how to prepare for management challenges associated with implementing a firm’s competitive strategy in a new country. The course will specifically introduce students to the opportunities and challenges associated with transferring competitive strategies established in developed markets to emerging economies, such as Brazil, China, India and Russia. Hands-on homework assignments will assure that students become familiar with valuable sources of information on emerging markets.

Prerequisite(s): None