Consulting Field Project

Credits: 3


This course teaches management consulting as a problem-solving framework. In doing so, students are provided a unique opportunity to apply the analytical tools and concepts taught by Katz, and do so in a practical manner. Each project includes three to five students assembled as a team. Each project involves a single “client” organization, which may be a profit, non-profit, or governmental. Each client provides its assigned study team with a project of immediacy and an executive dedicated to working with the team. A faculty advisor is assigned to each team. Students schedule their own time, dovetailing with client schedules and that of their faculty advisor. Students are required to attend four scheduled Saturday morning workshops led by experienced consultants. An end-of-term competitive competition is also held, the winner being awarded the McKinsey Cup.

Prerequisite: BACC 2401 Financial Accounting. Students must provide documentation in order to be assigned to a project.