Electronic Commerce

Credits: 3


E-Commerce is totally mainstream, and there are now important aspects of this electronic 21st century business environment that differ markedly from the prior century. Business models are often quite different from the e-commerce models of the 20th century dot-com boom. The technologies that enable e-commerce have become enormously complex. The sophistication, complexity and diversity of business models that enable businesses to leverage e-commerce have advanced as much -- if not more -- than the technologies that support them. Electronic commerce is at the forefront of modern operations, marketing and strategy while accounting for billions of dollars in transactions. Competition and cooperation between firms of all sizes have been changed forever. There are new media outlets like iTunes and YouTube, huge online communities like Facebook and LinkedIn, and collaboration capabilities like Wikis and Blogs. All of these are also going mobile. They are reshaping industries and creating new opportunities. This course is designed to familiarize students with the most important aspects of electronic commerce and how the business world is changing as a result. Topics to be covered include: 21st century business models, strategic drivers of e-commerce success, sources of competitive advantage, and current and emerging technologies. Prerequisites: None.