Global Macroeconomics 1

Credits: 1.5


This course focuses on the forces which drive or determine overall national economic activity. A study of macroeconomics is crucial for an appreciation of the set of factors at the national and global level which impact upon the business firms’ demand cost patterns—factors which are beyond the firm’s ability to control, but which must be taken into account as part of the decision making and strategic planning process. Movements in major macroeconomic variables, especially interest rates and exchange rates, also exert significant influence on the performance of national and global financial markets. The course is organized around the progressive development of an “open economy” macroeconomic model that is capable of handling a number of key policy and other variables. The model integrates the interactive roles of consumer, investment and public sector spending; net exports; international capital movements; and the money supply in determining overall national output, employment levels and interest rates. This first course focuses on the national economic model. A very practical approach is taken.

Prerequisites: None.