Global Research Practicum South Asia

Credits: 3


This course is tied closely to field study abroad, providing a hands-on experience in a foreign culture. Deliverables from the practicum include a team research project and a professional portfolio designed to capture the international experience. The course includes a trip at the conclusion of the Fall semester (immediately following finals) to various businesses in the host country.

Students develop a research question in areas of managerial specialization and draw evidence from the field study to support their project report. While abroad, students visit a number of selected organizations and/or companies and explore current business practices/issues.

During the fall semester, the group meets for two, 3-hour class sessions on Friday evenings (dates and timing subject to change) prior to the trip. Portions of these classes will focus on developing the research project. Selected outside speakers may also join the class to share their experiences and perspectives on business and culture. The course will travel immediately following the conclusion of the Fall 2019 semester and have additional course meetings and activities in country.

This course will explore innovation in product and process management in global enterprises across different industries—financial, manufacturing, and spice production and processing.

Successful companies are comprised of integrated, focused, connected teams. Currently, one of the biggest challenges facing organizations is how to work successfully across teams that are geographically dispersed and meet virtually—via webcasts or conference calls. The process of managing such virtual teams presents a new sets of challenges. Mastering the art of working in virtual teams will increase your visibility in your future organizations and help you drive your team’s productivity. Many team members have difficulty because they cannot see what other members are doing. Even the most skilled managers find difficulty in communicating and building a team, when there is no physical proximity. With globalization a reality, this will become an even more common team dynamic. It is even an opportunity to increase the freedom and flexibility of a team that works in the same office!

Course pedagogy will include: guest lectures and plant/site visits, panel discussion with senior management teams with global management experience, a team assignment to illustrate how innovation can drive change and efficiency.

Whether you are in finance, operations, human resources or marketing—this course will help you learn how to manage and re-evaluate change by using technology, process re-engineering and collaboration.

Prerequisite(s): Special registrations procedures apply.