Human Factors in Information Systems Design

Credits: 3


While many organizations have outsourced the design of production systems, there is still a need to provide specifications for those systems. In addition, the recent Internet and e-commerce explosion has created an even wider need to design corporate web sites. Organizational practices must exist to make sure designers and developers take into account what we know about human factors engineering. This course focuses on how to gather requirements, achieve a usable first draft, and test and improve that draft. A half-dozen course projects will include usability critiques, assessments of users’ difficulties in understanding systems, and designs of forms, screen layouts, and icons. A mid-term YouTube video project will evaluate usability of various PC or mobile devices. A final project will provide prototype screens and an in-depth plan for an actual application. The course is intended for anyone with special interest in, and appreciation for usability, and will be especially useful for those who will provide input to design teams, manage projects, or develop systems. Prerequisites: None.