International Marketing



This course introduces the student to a systematic treatment of marketing on a global scale. In addition to examining the problems of performing various market functions in other countries, emphasis will be given to analyzing and evaluating culture and how it may impact the ability of a firm to market its products and services. The course uses a combination of lectures, case analysis discussion, current events, and guest speakers to convey key aspects of marketing in a global economy. Course objectives: Diagnose the cultural context in which marketing strategies are executed. Evaluate how client needs, wants and desires change as marketplace marketing variables also vary according to cultural and structural constraints. Evaluate secondary data sources in markets outside the United States, and design effective primary data gathering efforts. Analyze the actions of global actors and players and their influence over marketing plan execution; this includes political, legal and infrastructure constraints and limitations. Research the complex relationships that exist between global players which often include co-creation of products, services and intellectual property while also acting as customers and suppliers to each other across business units. Apply this understanding to the management and execution of a marketing plan given the context of a broader relationship between the firm and a targeted global entity. Establish the link between recent economic political and social news from around the globe to the conduct of business and the general business climate. Prerequisite or co-requisite: BMKT 2409 Marketing Management.