Management Simulation Capstone

Credits: 3


The Management Simulation is an applied strategic management and general management course where instructor assigned teams of students manage a computer-simulated company for 9 fiscal years acting as the executive management team of a multi-national manufacturing company. Katz students compete against students from other teams as they try to add value to their companies. The executive management teams report to a real external board of directors, who provide approvals and feedback during the simulation. There will be three board meetings during the term. The board will approve bonuses and provide evaluations as part of the grading. The external feedback and evaluation structure of the course makes the exercise sharply realistic.

The Management Simulation Capstone course is designed to give students a realistic assignment as an executive in a simulated athletic footwear company. This is an Experienced based Learning (EBL) course where they will prepare for the assignment, do the assignment and receive feedback throughout the course. There are two primary objectives are to further develop academic and professional development skills.

The class is placed near the end of the curriculum and is intended to provide an illustration of how to apply the tools acquired in other classes in a complex international business environment. A focus of the learning is from dealing with time pressure, unpredictable competitors, ambiguity and challenging boards in a complex environment. We want to train managers to solve open-ended, time constrained problems with talented people in creative, collaborative and effective ways as students prepare to face these situations after graduation.

In-person sessions include the first class as well as two of the three board meetings. The rest of the sessions (team meetings, individual meetings and the third board meeting) will be held remotely and all the material will be provided online.

• Completion of 18 or more total credits
• Completion of BACC 2401 Financial Accounting, BQOM 2401 Statistical Analysis, BFIN 2409 Financial Management 1, and BMKT 2409 Marketing Management
• Completion of BSPP 2409 Strategic Management is strongly encouraged but not required
• See ‘Special considerations’ section below for important information re: add/drop policy.
• For Professional MBA students: This section of the course is a blended format and will only meet on campus a limited number of times.

Special considerations: Based on the unique structure of the Management Simulation course, the process of establishing teams to manage the simulated companies must begin prior to the beginning of class. Having the teams and roles established by the instructor prior to class allows the students to be in their role for the entire term. Therefore, we need to develop a unique drop/add policy for the course. Typically, no one should drop or add the course after the week prior to the beginning of the term. Only the instructor, under special circumstances, can approve an exception to this rule.