Managerial Accounting

Credits: 3


This course introduces students to managerial uses of cost information. Students will use cost information in decision making and understand how cost systems generate product cost information and the strategic impact of weaknesses in cost system design. They will also be introduced to basic planning and budgetary control. Finally, students will explore how cost feedback affects value chain efficiency and the applications of product costing and decision making in other functional areas such as marketing and operations. These applications will include topics such as pricing, customer profitability and customer relationship management and the use of cost feedback in process improvement and value creation.

Prerequisite(s): BACC 2401 Financial Accounting. Please note: Due to content overlap, students cannot have already completed BACC 2258 Strategic Cost Management, nor may they register for BACC 2258 Strategic Cost Management in subsequent terms if they elect to register for BACC 2528 Managerial Accounting.