Marketing Planning and Strategy



This course is designed to be a capstone experience in marketing analysis, decision making, and planning. The course uses a marketing strategy simulation game to illustrate key aspects of marketing strategy formulation and the construction and design of marketing plan. Course objectives include: Applying marketing principles and concepts learned in Introduction to Marketing Management, i.e.: Design marketing strategies based on SWOT analyses, Develop marketing programs for managing the 4Ps that reflect those strategic decisions, Learn to adjust those strategies and programs based on changes in the competitive and macro environments and on performance. Developing and practicing skills in marketing analysis and decision making, integrating information on financial performance. Specifically, purchase packaged market research studies; design new products and reformulate existing products using R&D; forecast demand; manage inventory levels; develop proforma marketing budgets; and manage marketing decision variables. Developing comprehensive marketing plans. These plans will be focused and based on sound analysis of past performance and future opportunities. Developing skills in running business meetings, making persuasive arguments, and thinking on your feet. Prerequisite or co-requisite: BMKT 2409 Marketing Management.