Marketing Research

Credits: 3


This course is designed to give you the ability to critically evaluate and use the results of a research study for the purpose of strategic and marketing decision making. Students will not only learn the different types of marketing research methods (focus group, survey research, experimentation) but also the analytical tools necessary to draw actionable conclusions. The use of statistical tools such as regression analysis in marketing research techniques such as conjoint analysis, sales estimation, and attribute-importance elicitation will be emphasized through cases, projects, and class discussions. However, this is not a course in statistics, though it will build on the knowledge you acquire in the introductory statistics course. The course will develop your ability to gain actionable insights from the analysis and to present those insights as actionable recommendations orally as well as in writing. Prerequisites: BMKT 2409 Marketing Management (may be taken as co-requisite) and BQOM 2401 Statistical Analysis.