Multivariate Data Analysis 1

Credits: 1.5


This course is designed to broaden and enrich a student's knowledge and understanding of statistical concepts. Multivariate statistical techniques can be used to analyze data in various fields: Finance, Production and Operations, Accounting, Marketing, and Personnel Management, etc. Through examining actual applications in various fields, and in-class exercises involving real-world data, students can apply the techniques to topics such as consumer and market research, supply chain analytics, credit worthiness and risk assessment, and financial stress test, and learn how to make better business decisions.

The primary techniques discussed in the course include data reduction and structural simplification, sorting and grouping, investigation of dependence among variables, prediction, and hypothesis construction and testing. The course will teach students how to better derive insights from data, and how to ask questions to drive value and shape business vision. They will also be able to improve business processes, by using the right data insights as decision makers and incorporating those insights into management decisions.

Prerequisite(s): BQOM 2401 Statistical Analysis