Practicum in Portfolio Management and Security Analysis

Credits: 3


The practicum is an experiential learning tool in which students manage an investment portfolio. The practicum is designed to expose students to “real world” valuation estimation and portfolio management. Through the collection of geographic, industry specific, and firm specific information, the student-managed investment fund is expected to develop an informational advantage in securities with minimal or no analyst following. The students will apply valuation techniques learned in their coursework to real world companies. They will also measure and manage the risk of the portfolio and determine the risk adjusted performance of the portfolio.

Prerequisites: BFIN 2410 Financial Management 2 and BFIN 2039 Investment Management/Capital Markets and BFIN 2030 Valuation 1. An application process is required to gain enrollment permission; please see your academic advisor for obtaining permission and/or a waiver for the requisite coursework.