Strategic Cost Analysis (Cross-listed as BQOM 2549)

Credits: 1.5


This course is a follow-up course to Managerial Accounting. The course takes an integrated approach to value creation, focusing on decision making, performance measurement, and control along the firm's value chain, including procurement, design, production, and customer relationships. The first part of the course analyzes the use of cost information and performance measurement in supply chains. The second part of the course analyzes performance measurement and control systems in various contexts, including target costing, process improvement and cost reduction, and transfer pricing. The course will include an in-depth study of planning and budgetary control systems and control systems such as the Balanced Score Card and Economic Value Added (EVA). The course material will consist of cases, readings, and textbook material. Prerequisites: BACC 2401 Financial Accounting and BACC 2528 Managerial Accounting or permission of instructor. Please note: Due to content overlap, students CANNOT have already completed BACC 2258 Strategic Cost Management (MAcc course), nor may they register for BACC 2528 in subsequent terms, if they elect to register for BACC/BQOM 2549.