Strategic Information Technology in Global Supply Chains

Credits: 1.5


In today’s business world, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software plays a critical role in providing the necessary tools for agile business decisions, customer management, & operations management. ERP systems provide a competitive advantage by allowing the company to manage its many different functions and processes in one large integrated information system. Using SAP as our learning platform, this course examines the advantages and complexities of the enterprise software, showing how ERP can improve processes and streamline operations. Additionally, we will expand the ERP concept outward into the supply chain, advancing ERP adoption and best practices with a focus on Supply Chain Management (SCM) systems. We will be taking an in-depth view into SAP’s SCM components, discussing the various processes and functions that make up SAP/SCM solution and how firms today depend upon the continuous exchange of data when sourcing, manufacturing demand planning, sales forecasting, logistics planning and managing service commitments, within the supply chain. We will discuss and explore the SAP/SCM solution using text, lecture, group case studies, and simulated project experiences within the SAP system to provide the student with a working environment to validate key concepts covered in the course. Prerequisites: None.