Strategic Information Technology in Global Supply Chains

Credits: 1.5


In managing business, many companies have implemented Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software systems to automate and integrate Supply Chain Management (SCM) processes. ERP systems provide a competitive advantage for a company by allowing the management of different functions and processes in one single corporate information system, providing access to real-time data within the company, and enabling greater business agility.

This blended onground/online course examines the advantages and complexities of ERP software within the context of global SCM, and demonstrates how the system can improve processes and streamline operations. To facilitate experience-based learning, this course includes not only interactive labs that demonstrate key enterprise system principles, but also hands-on work in the SAP ERP system, the world leader in ERP business solutions.

The first, and last, class sessions occur onground during the weekend; with the intervening session offered asynchronously online. The first onground session introduces business processes through interactive labs, classroom simulations, and instructor lectures. The students will also download and install the SAP Graphical User Interface (GUI), and complete their first hands-on SAP assignment.

The asynchronous online sessions begin with a SCM~ERP framework, and then progress through four fundamental SCM processes: planning, procurement (buy), production (make), and fulfillment (sell). For each process domain, the financial impact of the operations are discussed, and the students experience the processes through hands-on assignments in the SAP system.

The last onground session is devoted to execution of an ERP simulation where teams of students utilize the SAP software to run a simulated company. The simulation proceeds in three increasingly complex rounds that culminate with a full SCM lifecycle of planning, procurement, manufacturing, and sales. The cost of the ERP simulation software is approximately $50 per student.

In conclusion, students who successfully complete this blended onground/online course will have strong theoretical knowledge of ERP systems in SCM augmented by practical, hands-on, experiential learning activities.

Prerequisites: None.