Strategic Management

Credits: 1.5


This course covers theory, conceptual frameworks, and tools used to formulate strategies for commercializing new technologies. The analytical frameworks cover elements of commercialization strategy that are equally critical to start-ups and to corporate technology ventures. In addition, we discuss some of the key challenges that differ for start-ups versus established firms. The primary deliverable in the course is a professional quality project which evaluates the commercialization alternatives for an early stage technology. Your project team will be paired with a University inventor, a local start-up, or a corporation that has an early stage technology in need of a commercialization plan. The focus of your commercialization plan will be to identify a viable market for the technology, recommend financing options, and develop a business model to achieve the inventor’s objectives. We engage experts in intellectual property, market assessment, and financing new investments throughout the course.

Prerequisites: BACC 2401 (Accounting), BMKT 2409 (Marketing), BECN 2401 (Economics), BOAH 2409 (Organizational Behavior), BFIN 2409 (Financial Management).