Strategic Management

Credits: 1.5


“Strategy,” in the context of management, focuses on creating a harmonious relationship between separate units within an organization, and between a firm and its environment. The core Strategic Management course explores this classic concept of strategy and how it can be adapted to today’s changing and turbulent environments. While the course adopts the perspective of a general manager (e.g. head of a strategic business unit), it provides critical insight to functional managers who must align their departments’ activities with the firm’s overall objectives and approach to creating and capturing value (i.e. its competitive strategy).

The Strategic Management course employs a multi-method pedagogy. Students learn a set of perspectives, conceptual frameworks, and tools—drawn from industrial organization economics and the behavioral sciences and sociology, with which to understand the opportunities and challenges involved in developing world-class capabilities for competing effectively in globally-linked economies. Through case studies, we explore how a firm’s competitive strategy shapes the way it engages customers, suppliers, competitors, and others comprising its value net. Through project assignments, we investigate how competitive advantage can be quantified using publicly available data. Together, the multiple modes of inquiry will provide insight into why competitive advantage is fundamental to a firm’s long-term success; how the various activities in a firm’s value chain can contribute to competitive advantage; and why, although industries support many competitive strategies, each firm tends to employ only one at a time.

This 1.5-credit course is designed to provide a solid foundation in Strategic Management for all Katz MBAs, while also serving as an introduction to the discipline for those who will take advanced Strategy courses as part of relevant certificates.

Prerequisites: BACC 2401 Financial Accounting and BECN 2401 Economic Analysis. In addition, all students must have completed either BMKT 2409 Marketing Management or BFIN 2409 Financial Management 1. It is strongly recommended that students complete all of the aforementioned courses prior to enrollment into this course. It is also desirable to have completed BOAH 2409 Organizational Behavior prior to enrollment.