Beta Gamma Sigma Business Honor Society

At the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business and the College of Business Administration, we celebrate our outstanding students and faculty who have received the special honor of induction into Beta Gamma Sigma. Beta Gamma Sigma is an International Honor Society for business students that encourages and honors outstanding academic achievement in business education. Induction into the society is considered the highest level of distinction awarded to students in accredited business schools; only the most exceptional students are invited to join. Beta Gamma Sigma strives to promote among its members a lasting commitment to the values of Beta, Gamma, and Sigma: honor, the pursuit of wisdom, and earnestness.

Beta Gamma Sigma was formed in 1913 by business students in Madison, Wisconsin. Just seven years later, the University of Pittsburgh chapter was established, making it one of the oldest collegiate chapters in existence today. Presently, the society is composed of 468 collegiate and 16 alumni chapters. After 94 years and with nearly 600,000 members inducted worldwide, Beta Gamma Sigma remains the world's largest society of business school alumni.

If you have any further questions regarding Beta Gamma Sigma, please contact any one of our officers listed below.

President: Arjang A. Assad
Vice President (CBA): Shawn Thomas
Vice President (Katz): Prakash Mirchandani


Pitt Business Faculty Beta Gamma Sigma Members:

Ruba Aljafari
Sharon Alvarez
Arjang A. Assad
Haimanti Banerjee
CB Bhattacharya
Elise Boyas
Nicole Cade
John C. Camillus
Susan Cohen
Rabikar Chatterjee
David J. Denis
Diane Denis
John Harry Evans
Lawrence F. Feick
Mei Feng
Gary Florkowski
Dennis Galletta
Esther Gal-Or
Tansev Geylani
Priyanga Gunarathne
G. G. Hegde
Vicky Hoffman
Brian Hogan
Jeffrey Inman
Chris F. Kemerer
Laurie Kirsch
Andrew Koch
Carrie R. Leana
David Lebel
Ravi Madhavan
Kiersten M. Maryott
Prakash Mirchandani
Barry M. Mitnick
Donald V. Moser
Audrey Murrell
Josephine E. Olson
Narayan Ramasubbu
Frits Pil
John E. Prescott
Frederik Schlingemann
Jennifer Shang
Dhinu Srinivasan
Vanitha Swaminathan
Pandu R. Tadikamalla
Ryan Teeter
Shawn Thomas
Luis G. Vargas
R. Venkatesh
Richard Wendell
Eugenia Wu
Mehmet Yalin
Chad Zutter

Visit the Beta Gamma Sigma website.