Consulting Club

The Katz Consulting Club is an organization dedicated to those students in pursuit of becoming leaders in consulting, going beyond the classroom to provide opportunities to build consulting skills and experience. Members can expect to engage in exclusive activities that create avenues of interaction among fellow students, faculty, alumni, and professionals from various fields. Membership interests in the club include a variety of consulting fields, such as management consulting, human resources, information technology, finance, and operations. The club works with other student organizations at Katz to increase involvement and development. Club membership consists of full-time and Professional MBA students.

Our Mission

To create awareness, educate and prepare members of Katz consulting club through interaction with industry consultants.

Strategic Goals

  • Introduce club members to consultants thought process
  • Learn about Industry trends and challenges
  • Bridge gap between academics and consulting practice
  • Introduction to consulting frameworks and tools
  • Build interview skills for career in consulting through current student or alumni mentorship

Executive Team


President: Rajan Choudhary,