Katz Corporate Sustainability Club

Now, more than ever, companies across various sectors are investing in green initiatives, producing annual sustainability reports, and heightening their attention to sustainability to ensure future success.

The Katz Corporate Sustainability Club (KCSC), in partnership with the Center for Sustainable Business, helps prepare students for this changing trend in industry by enabling students to adopt a sustainability lens in tackling issues of corporate strategy.

KCSC offers you the following opportunities:

  • Learn about the “Triple Bottom Line” model of business strategy and popular metrics of sustainability performance.
  • Gain priority access to speakers from sustainability champions in industry, academia and non-profit.
  • Provide experiential learning opportunities to students through affiliation with the Center for Sustainable Business.
  • Participate in drafting a Sustainability Report for the Katz School Community.
  • Engage in campus-wide efforts to make the University of Pittsburgh more sustainable and learn about the business case for “Going Green.”

Join the Katz Corporate Sustainability Club to gain valuable insights and marketable experience in the area of sustainable business strategy!


Executive Team

Kumar Vijayendra, President, KU2@pitt.edu

Maria DiGioia, Vice President, MariaDiGioia@pitt.edu