Katz Military and Veterans Association

Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business is pleased to announce the creation of a Military and Veteran student organization. Katz Military and Veterans Association, or KMVA, serves to support American and foreign veterans, as well as active duty and reserve service members.

The mission statement of KMVA is to help military/veteran students and alumni succeed in civilian employment and transition. We do this through three focus areas: provide application support to prospective military/veteran students; provide career search support to current Katz military/veteran students; provide an extensive networking resource to current Katz military/veteran students and Katz alumni.

Interested prospective MBA students, including two year, one year, and Executive MBA candidates, are encouraged to contact the organization at kmva.katz@gmail.com for additional information. Additionally, please join our LinkedIn groups to stay up to date with events and information. We thank you for your service and we look forward to providing you support.

Prospective Students

Congratulations on your decision to pursue your MBA. You will be well served by this versatile degree whether you remain in service or have chosen to transition to a new leadership role in the business sector.

Our goal is two-fold: 1.) Assist prospective active/reserve duty and veteran students throughout the admissions process, and 2.) Connect you with Pitt’s Office of Veteran Services (OVS) for GI Bill assistance.

How we can serve you, as the prospective student, with assistance during the admissions process:

Meet and greets with current military/veteran students either during campus visits, through Skype or phone conversations, and email communication.

Advice on GMAT/GRE Preparation, Resumes, Essays, Interview Preparation.

Answer questions regarding GI Bill, Yellow Ribbon Program, or other Financial Aid options.

Quick Tips for the Admissions Process

When feasible, campus visits are a must! Opportunities to speak in person with current students will help with your decision on whether Katz will be a good fit for you.

Start the process early! Start working on your letter of recommendations, resumes, and essays as soon as possible.  

Preparation is key to the success of your interview! Being able to translate your military accomplishments into business language is essential.  

Be yourself! It is just as important that Katz is as good as a fit for you as you are to Katz. 

We look forward to getting to know you during your application process. We were in your shoes just a year ago and hope to be as helpful as we can be.  

Interested Veteran/Military Applicants:
E-mail any of our Board Members for more detailed and personalized information and assistance.  

Board Members

Tyler Guerriero 
Anthony Perry