Student Governance

Student Executive Board

The Katz Student Executive Board (SEB) exists to serve the Full-Time students and enhance the student experience at the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business.

In this capacity, the SEB acts as the primary interface between the Full-Time Masters students and the faculty and administration. However, the SEB is more than just a student advocate. The SEB also works to support student clubs, enhance career management, improve facility resources, organize community service projects, plan social events, and boost alumni relations. Contact the SEB at

The SEB represents the interests of the Full-Time Masters students by:

  • Opening and maintaining channels of communication between its members and the staff, faculty, and alumni of the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business.
  • Working in partnership with staff, faculty, and alumni to support the planning and implementation of student activities including social, cultural, and educational programs designed to supplement the Full-Time Masters student experience.
  • Advancing the public perception, standing, and brand of the Katz Graduate School of Business, as it relates to domestic and international rankings.
  • Encouraging any social activity that promotes KATZ culture and a sense of pride in our community.
  • Promoting an inclusive, diverse, and respectful learning environment at KATZ.
  • Identifying and providing student representation on school committees.
  • Serving as a resource for individual students and Student Clubs (or other student-led organizations).
  • Acting as an advocate for all student interests by addressing any positive and negative feedback about their Masters experience.
  • Allocating funds resulting from University of Pittsburgh’s Student Activities Fee paid by the currently enrolled Full-Time Masters students.
  • Working in close partnership with the Professional Student Executing Board (PSEB) by holding regular joint meetings.
  • Attending the Assembly Board meetings of the Graduate and Professional Student Government (GPSG) of the University of Pittsburgh.

President: Malena Hirsch
Board Members: Max Simone, Andrew Ellis, Sai Kappagantula

Professional Student Executive Board

The Professional Student Executive Board (PSEB) is a group of Katz students in different stages of the Professional MBA program, with diverse professional backgrounds. Whether in their first year of their program or getting ready to graduate, PSEB members advocate for their peers by striving to enhance the overall student experience. Through orientation, peer mentoring, networking activities, and workshops, the PSEB helps students experience all Katz has to offer, even beyond the classroom.
The PSEB also plans events that encourage casual engagement and fun among other current Professional MBA students and alumni. Each year students can look forward to professional, educational, social, and community service opportunities. Such as:

  • End-of-semester happy hours
  • Professional sporting outings
  • “Friendsgiving”
  • Social gatherings during class breaks
  • Spring Fling
  • Alumni events
  • The PSEB understands that professional students are busy. Our initiative is to not only facilitate socialization, but to regularly communicate with students, faculty, and Katz administrators to nurture and improve the Professional MBA program.

2018-2019 Professional Student Executive Board

President: Tyler Wilson
Board Members: Katie Dziki, Cody Fetters, Dan Gorchynsky, Allyson Mecca, Nick Koroly, Elliot Kim, Matt Abramson

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