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    There's a lot to be said for earning your MBA. Besides the obvious benefit of advancing your pay scale, there's also the benefit of realizing your full potential. With a Katz MBA you will be confident in your ability to tackle whatever business problems you come up against. You'll be more valuable to future employers, or perhaps you'll put your finely honed talents to work in starting your own business. The choices will be plentiful; they'll be yours to make; and Katz can help you get there.

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  • Collaboration

    From the beginning, you'll notice a spirit of collaboration at Katz. Past women MBAs have commented that the atmosphere isn't as competitive as it is collaborative. It comes from the school's commitment to globalism and diversity. From your very first team project, you'll recognize the benefits of a truly global business school because you'll be working in an environment that reflects the markets of the world.

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  • Learn Hands-On at Katz

    Hands-on, practical experiences outweigh book learning alone every time. Experience-based learning is so important that it's one of the school's strategic initiatives and what we're referring to when we say, 'Experience. Learn. Lead.'

    Try your hand at trading in the school's state-of-the-art financial analysis lab. Explore real-world projects of critical importance to client organizations by participating in a Consulting Field Project. Or find out what it takes to lead your team to victory in a case competition. As you'll soon discover, hands-on learning is integrated throughout the curriculum and as a woman earning your MBA, you'll find this valuable experience very worthwhile to your career.

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    Learn Hands-On at Katz

  • One Size Does Not Fit All Women MBAs

    Whether you choose to jump in with both feet and pursue your MBA in the One-Year program, take the time to develop relevant experience and skill sets in the Two-Year program, or decide to keep working while pursuing your MBA in the Professional MBA program, the many program options at Katz suit your priorities and ambitions. There are even a number of dual-degree programs that add focused learning in a chosen discipline such as information systems, engineering, law, or even international business. Whatever the goal you set for yourself, Katz stands ready to help you every step of the way.

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    One Size Does Not Fit All Women MBAs

  • Powerful Network

    As a woman at Katz you'll have the advantage of every possible network. With more than 250,000 Pitt alumni and more than 23,000 Katz and College of Business Administration alumni worldwide, combined with the many personal contacts you'll make along the way, your network will be extensive. You'll certainly want to become a member or even serve as an officer of the school's very active chapter of the National Association of Women MBAs and tap into their vast network of female MBAs and women business professionals. You can also join any one of the nearly 20 professional organizations and clubs that run the gamut from environmental consciousness to finance, from entrepreneurship to consulting, from operations to business technology. As a woman MBA at Katz, the possibilities are limitless.

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    Powerful Network

  • Approachable Faculty on the Cutting Edge

    Because the Pitt Business faculty are eager to see you succeed, most have an open-door policy and make themselves available to students. Pitt Business professors are constantly researching the latest business concepts and theories to develop the best possible solutions for businesses. As a Katz student, you are the primary beneficiary of their research findings. Take a look at their latest publication contributions.

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    Approachable Faculty on the Cutting Edge

  • Contact Katz Women

    Dana Romano

    Associate Director, Career Management
    301 Mervis Hall

    Erin Vuono

    Associate Director, Admissions
    301 Mervis Hall


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