01/16/2018 | EMBA

EMBA Worldwide Alum Leads Footwear Brands in Brazil

Rodrigo Barreiros
Rodrigo Barreiros

Rodrigo Barreiros, a senior division manager for Alpargatas S.A., a Brazilian footwear industry leader in Latin America, leads product range development for the Mizuno sportswear brand.

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12/12/2017 | EMBA

EMBA Worldwide Provides Platform for CBMM Engineer to Advance His Career

Leonardo Rocha Silva

Leonardo Rocha Silva, a project and engineering manager with CBMM, a leading Brazilian mining and metallurgy company, was invited by his company to enroll in the Executive MBA Worldwide program of the University of Pittsburgh Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business so that he could amplify his engineering background with advanced management and strategy training.

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12/11/2017 | Faculty and Research

Pitt Business Redefines “Impact” of Alumni as “Lives Touched”

Colleges and universities have struggled to fully measure the impact their alumni are having on the world. Efforts have included asking graduates about the number of jobs they have created, corporate boards they serve on, and companies they have started. But the results are driven by economic output and often do not capture the breadth of how alumni have impacted the world. 

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12/01/2017 | Center for Supply Chain Management

Catching Up With the 2017 Outstanding SCM Major Award Recipients

Kyle Franklin (MBA ’17) and Nupur Gupta (MBA ’17) were honored in the spring with The Center for Supply Chain Management Outstanding SCM Major Award. Since graduating from the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business, Franklin and Gupta have gone on to establish successful careers.

Traditionally given to one graduate student each year, the award recognizes demonstrated excellence in academic and extracurricular activities related to supply chain management. 

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11/17/2017 | Center for Supply Chain Management

2017 SCM Symposium Explores the Evolving Responsiveness Cost Frontier

The second annual 2017 Supply Chain Management Symposium on "The Evolving Responsiveness Cost Frontier" was hosted by the Pitt Business Center for Supply Chain Management at the Wyndham Pittsburgh University Center.  

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