Experience-Based Learning

Students working together.

Ready for Anything

At Katz, we believe that real-world experience is the best teacher. For that reason, we built our business school around experience-based learning outcomes. We believe learning by doing enables students to put in to practice the theories learned in the classroom. This hands-on approach empowers students to gain the critical cognitive, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills necessary to succeed in today’s business world.

We offer our graduate students a unique menu of domestic and global experience-based learning opportunities. Students can choose from case studies, consulting projects, simulations, case competitions and fellowships. This active learning approach enables you to be Katz Ready on day one.

Case Competitions

In case competitions, a student team competes for the best solution to a business-related case study. Case competitions test students’ critical thinking skills and enhance their teamwork and interpersonal skills as they work with their colleagues to develop their problem solution and presentation.

Consulting Field Projects

Katz School faculty have offered the Consulting Field Project course for more than two decades. This course teaches management consulting as a problem-solving framework, allowing you to apply the analytical tools and concepts you learn at Katz to real-world problems.

The Katz Invitational

This signature case competition is hosted by the Katz MBA Program Office. The Katz Invitational Case Competition is multi-dimensional, designed to test the teams' ability to collaborate on different business disciplines.

Management Simulation Capstone

Our capstone course ties together everything students learn in their core classes. The capstone course is an applied strategic management and general management course designed to give students a realistic assignment as an executive in a simulated athletic footwear company.