Global Research Practicum

Global Business Exposure

The Katz Global Research Practicum (GRP) is a three-credit course with a study abroad component. The GRP exposes Katz MBA, MAcc and MS students to international business and current issues affecting the global marketplace. During their time abroad, students visit companies, engage with executives and Pitt alumni, conduct field research, and experience international culture. The main objectives of the program is to challenge students to consider issues from a global perspective and expose them to actual business environments abroad. 

Complete Information

GRP is open to all Katz full and part-time MBA students and MS students in accounting, management information systems, and supply chain. For information on the upcoming GRP locations, visit

Student Testimonials

Julie Howell, professional MBA student, GRP South Korea/Taiwan

"I didn’t hesitate to sign up for this experience. I have worked in the retail industry for years, and it’s becoming increasingly hard to ignore the influence of Asian cultures on the industry. Throughout every part of the trip, I felt an overwhelming sense of pride from every South Korean local we encountered. They showed a tremendous desire to welcome us and show us everything their culture has to offer. What surprised me the most about Taipei was how well their culture marries a peaceful nature with technology. At the Asus headquarters, the company has a Zen garden in their office that mimics the shape of a microchip. I think sometimes we tend to think you have to sacrifice overall well-being to meet the needs of a fast-paced, high-stress business culture. In Taiwan, the two lived together harmoniously.”

Yingling Jia, Master of Accounting student, GRP Germany/Czech Republic

"Our group’s first stop was in Germany, where we visited UPM Augsburg and Audi Germany. Executives from both companies shared their experience of building business strategies with a global perspective. Next we visited Pilsner Urquell, Česká spořitelna, and CEZ Group in Prague. Having the opportunity to understand the factors that leaders of these global companies must consider in order to operate a successful company is a valuable experience I will draw upon in my career.”

Anna Langell, professional MBA student, GRP South Korea

"Although my professors lectured on bribery and corruption in the global marketplace, to hear an executive at a company visit speak openly about a real-life experience was invaluable. I was impressed with the way technology was incorporated into everyday products in South Korea, including heated toilet seats in the hotel! Seeing an automated production line in Korea made me think that robots may fully replace human labor in the near future."

Mary "Katie" O'Rourke, professional MBA student, GRP Germany/Czech Republic

"Having the opportunity to experience the people, culture, and business strategies of European companies helped me to understand the importance of embracing diversity in the business world. The case studies from class were brought to life, and I experienced firsthand the impacts, risks, and challenges that come with doing business internationally. A broad, inclusive view is often needed if you want to succeed on a global scale."

Previous Locations

  • 2017: Argentina (Buenos Aires), United Kingdom and Belgium (London and Brussels), and China (Beijing and Shanghai)

  • 2016: Argentina (Buenos Aires), Germany (Munich) and the Czech Republic (Prague), and South Korea (Seoul) and Taipei (Taiwan)

  • 2015: Brazil (Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro), China (Beijing and Shanghai), Germany (Munich and Augsburg), and Russia and Bulgaria (Moscow and Sofia)

  • 2014: India (Bangalore and New Delhi), Israel (Tel Aviv), and Germany (Cologne)/Netherlands (Rotterdam)

  • 2013: Chile (Santiago and Valparaíso); India (Bangalore and New Delhi); and Russia (Moscow and Samara)

  • 2012: Germany (Munich) and Switzerland (Zurich); Russia (Moscow and Samara)

  • 2011: Spain (Barcelona) and Italy (Milan); United Kingdom (London and Dublin); Chile (Santiago)

  • 2010: Portugal (Lisbon) and Spain (Madrid)

  • 2009: Germany (Munich) and Czech Republic (Prague); Chile (Santiago)