• Global Learning

    Well-designed and highly-focused, short-term Global Experience-Based Learning (EBL) is meaningful and results in gaining valuable transferable skills, such as critical thinking, leadership, flexibility, and global mindset. Katz students have the opportunity to gain these skills through impactful Global EBL opportunities offered by the Katz School.

    The Global Research Practicum, GLobal Issue Workshops, and Global Consulting Projects make up the Katz Global EBL flagship programs. Additionally, students have access to Katz partnership programs and University-wide study abroad opportunities on an individual basis. These programs are provided through the support of the International Business Center.

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  • Global Research Practicum

    Global Business Exposure

    The Katz Global Research Practicum (GRP)  is a three-credit course with a study abroad component. The GRP exposes Katz MBA, MAcc, and MS students to international business and current issues affecting the global marketplace.

    During their time abroad, students visit companies, engage with executives and Pitt alumni, conduct field research, and experience international culture. The main objectives of the program are to challenge students to consider issues from a global perspective and expose them to actual business environments abroad. 

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    For information on the upcoming Global Research Practicum locations, visit www.abroad.pitt.edu/katzgrp.

    GRP Trip History

    • 2017 - Argentina (Buenos Aires), United Kingdom and Belgium (London and Brussels), and China (Beijing and Shanghai)

    • 2016 - Argentina (Buenos Aires), Germany (Munich) and the Czech Republic (Prague), and South Korea (Seoul) and Taipei (Taiwan)

    • 2015 - Brazil (Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro), China (Beijing and Shanghai), Germany (Munich and Augsburg), and Russia and Bulgaria (Moscow and Sofia)

    • 2014 - India (Bangalore and New Delhi), Israel (Tel Aviv), and Germany (Cologne)/Netherlands (Rotterdam)

    • 2013 - Chile (Santiago and Valparaíso); India (Bangalore and New Delhi); and Russia (Moscow and Samara)

    • 2012- Germany (Munich) and Switzerland (Zurich); Russia (Moscow and Samara)

    • 2011- Spain (Barcelona) and Italy (Milan); United Kingdom (London and Dublin); Chile (Santiago)

    • 2010- Portugal (Lisbon) and Spain (Madrid)

    • 2009- Germany (Munich) and Czech Republic (Prague); Chile (Santiago)


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    Global Research Practicum

  • Global Issues Workshops

    Enhanced Experience-Based Learning

    Students conduct an extensive analysis of a structural or external issue affecting an organization or industry abroad. A student team carries out in-depth international business research in the U.S. and travels abroad to conduct field research and speak to industry and organization experts. 

    Students participating in the GIW typically have demonstrated international educational and professional experience outside their home country and the U.S.

    For more information, please contact globalebl@pitt.edu


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    Global Issue Workshops

  • Global Consulting Project

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    Global Consulting Project

  • Partner Programs

    International Studies

    Katz has partnerships with various international programs that enable students to incorporate short-term study abroad as part of their MBA experience.

    These opportunities enable students to

    • Deepen their analytical and critical thinking skills through coursework at a high-quality European business school

    • Explore business ideas and themes from a new perspective

    • Advance their communication and interpersonal skills through interaction with faculty, fellow students and European business executives

    • Improve their global awareness and intercultural skills through immersion in a foreign country

    • Broaden and enhance their professional network

    In addition to some University-wide international partnerships, the following locations have special agreements with Katz for students to pursue summer programs.

    EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht

    EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht is one of the leading business schools in Germany, ranked No. 51 in Europe by the Financial Times in 2015. Students can study at EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht for one semester or a three-week summer program. Classes are offered in English. The EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht campus is located in Oestrich-Winkel, a small town on the Rhine River about one hour from Frankfurt. 


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    Kedge Business School

    At Kedge Business School, MBA students can study at Euromed Management for a semester. Classes are offered in English. Kedge was ranked No. 30 among business schools in Europe by the Financial Times in 2015.


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    Partner Programs

  • International Business Center

    The mission of the International Business Center (IBC) is to connect Pitt Business stakeholders to learning experiences worldwide. Whether you are a student, an alumnus, a faculty or staff member, or represent a business or nonprofit, the IBC can help connect you to relevant and impactful global business experiences offered at the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business and College of Business Administration, and, more broadly, at the University of Pittsburgh. 

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    International Business Center


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